Humble Beginnings

The Cake Studio's Story begins in 1997. With humble beginnings, we started as wholesalers creating cakes for well known franchise in Sydney. As business demand grew and we began to build our skills, we decided to venture out and opened our studio in 1999.

Little by little we set out to carve our path in the industry by creating not only beautiful but also unique cakes. This path helped catch the attention of prominent Sydney venues with whom we began to collaborate. As the business grew, so did our team, in 2003. We welcomed Mark Smolenski as our pastry chef. He has been instrumental in our day to day about more so recently as we set our sight on the next venture of The Cake Studio.

The Cake Studio Today

In 2021 we are determined to expand our horizons and broaden our offerings more than ever before to capture the demand of customers around Sydney by introducing our new line of desserts and our online shop.

Whether it is the use of the best ingredients, our unique and original approach to each dessert, we are driven by our goal and unyielding determination to provide every one of our customers with a memorable experience.

Our cakes are made for joy.

Leanne Sanidas